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The Playhouse


Client - Night Train Productions
Venue - The Playhouse

Signet Library

This event last week at the Signet Library really made us push the boundaries of floral design.  The bold eclectic mix of colours and textures worked so well.  It was such a fun design.


Broxmouth Park

For the first time last weekend we decorated the amazing Broxmouth Park. It has recently been meticulously restored into luxury accommodation and an amazing venue. Flowers and floristry styles follow fashion trends especially in weddings. Last year it was a vintage theme, still very popular this year but the new look running through weddings is a very natural garden look, with minimal greenery and an abundance of seasonal flowers. Broxmouth Park is the perfect venue for such a look, with it's beautiful surroundings inside and out.

Hopetoun House

We filled The Stables and Ballroom with the prettiest pink and cream roses along side bundles of natural foliage at Hopetoun House.  Thank you so much to Blue Sky Photography for sending these pictures to us.