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Royal College Of Physicians

Yellow took centre stage again at the Royal College of Physicians this weekend. This venue is so opulent with red and gold colourings throughout the Great Hall that we decided not to fight with the rich tones and instead bring out the goldy yellow hues from columns within the room. As the tablescape was kept simple and bold it did not clash with the traditional vibe of the venue.  Our favourite part of the wedding had to be the bridal flowers. We wanted something to give a vivid punch of colour against the bridesmaids navy blue dresses, all Craspedia bouquets did the trick! The buttonholes were super cute!  All images courtesy of Alastair Burn-Murdoch Photography


Glenskirlie House

We set this simple yet sophisticated wedding at Glenskirlie House a few weeks ago. It was the first time we had been to Glenskirlie and what a little gem this boutique style hotel is!  Budget is always an important factor in all weddings and we strive to help our clients stay within their limit without jeopardising the quality of their wedding flowers. One way of achieving this is by choosing seasonal flowers.  Using three different varieties of tulips in a very clean, manicured style we were able to still give the chic look our bride wanted but at a lower cost.