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In the last few weeks we have seen so many of our 2011 winter brides we are all feeling a little festive already. Especially when we spotted red ilex in our local wholesaler last week!  So to give a little winter inspiration to some of our brides we thought we would feature this Lennoxlove wedding from January past.

Dark red roses and regal purple anemones led the way through all the wedding with accents of viburnum berries and amaryllis to give some added texture.

Fairy lights add an instant visual element to a marquee no matter the time of year.

A big thanks to Rankine Photography for letting us have use of these images. 

Hopetoun House

Our clients Christina and Chris were married two Friday’s ago at Hopetoun House.  They gave us a huge amount of creative freedom – they pointed out a few things they really liked – the atmosphere of the room, a few favourite flowers and the general style of floral design they wanted to be involved and then let us loose!  Clients who trust you just to run with it… amazing!


National Museum of Scotland

Recently Heritage Portfolio commissioned us to create a herb garden in the newly refurbished National Museum of Scotland for a client launch party.  We installed large arches of pots of thyme and mint along with huge urns of lavenders and basil giving the whole area a rustic garden vibe.


Although the biggest talking point was our lettuce bar.. Did we just say lettuce bar?? YES WE DID!  Have we not got the most fun job?!  It took two of the team a whole day to layer thousands of lettuce leaves.  The texture the leaves provided was stunning and the thought did run through our mind of how we could incorporate more lettuce into our work!  We had fantastic feedback from our clients and most of all we can't wait for future events in the new Museum space.

Hopetoun House

As sole recommended florist at Hopetoun House we love how each and every bride has a different style at Hopetoun.  Something about seeing huge cylinders filled with puffballs of abundant white hydrangea against the intricate tapestry's made us smile. All the other details were kept very minimalist, using single stem vases and clear candle stick holders not to detract from the main attraction!