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Signet Library

We worked at The Signet Library with lots of vivid clashing colours to really create drama and atmosphere last week. The Signet Library is a unique and outstanding venue which always challenges us to push our designs to the next level. 



Mansfield Traquair

An enchanting October wedding at Mansfield Traquair one of our favourite Edinburgh venues.



Museum Of Scotland

We have already had a lovely thank you note from an event we set last night at the Museum of Scotland. The client was very aware of sight lines - not wanting to obstruct and of her guests views while seated. So opted for low arrangements. As it was a silver and blue themed event we kept all our flowers blue and brought the silver in by using a pewter bowl. Blue is sometimes a difficult colour to contend with in the world of flowers but luckily enough with us being in the heart of spring time we were able to get our hands Hyacinth, Muscari and Iris which really set the arrangement off.