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Dundas Castle

Lovely soft bouquets have been so popular this year. Full of flouncy flowers in abundance in softest dusky pinks along with creams. These are pictures Claire sent us of her bridal flowers we designed back in September at Dundas Castle showing the use of white flowers rather than the creams. Thanks so much to Claire for letting us show you these pictures.

Kirknewton Stables

There is nothing nicer than stumbling across one of our brides on a wedding blog!  Last week we spotted Kat and Neils wedding at Kirknewton Stables on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings - we were pleased as punch to see it there!


Hopetoun House

Cat and Ross's wedding at Hopetoun House was really our first big wedding of the year, it seems so LONG ago now! It was so lovely to receive some of Blue Sky's photo's of the day and to reminisce of the set-up and design elements we contributed. Looking back our favourite part of the set-up was the top table. It's not often we get to dress a round top table and we loved the style of the mono-botanical cubes clustered together in mixed heights in such bold colours. The sunken craspedia was also a great way to break up the clean lines of the vase and introduce something the guests can see while seated at the table. 

Mansfield Traquair

Lucky, we are so so lucky here at Planet. We say it quite often as sometimes we just can't believe how amazing our clients are and our supplier friends too! Amy and Jack's wedding at Mansfield Traquair last winter was such a standout wedding for us. They put all their trust in us and let us have complete free-reign in designing their winter wedding. To put the icing on the cake, the coolest couple in town Jay and Christina from Elemental popped by and took the most awesome shots of the set-up pre-ceremony. We stowed out the venue with white birch with just slight floral accents of phalaenopsis orchid and white cyclamen for a touch of softness. We loved the final look and there was no escaping that it certainly looked like a winter wedding!