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Cumlodden Church

At this time of year all we have in our minds is weddings weddings WEDDINGS here at Planet! It is so important to us to make sure that our flowers are unique to the bride and groom - letting their personality be translated into flowers! This wedding has been a favourite of ours this year so far. In April we had the amazing experience of travelling up to Lochfyneside and decorating Cumlodden Church. It was so important to the couple to keep in with the decor` of the church and its surroundings. As blue was one of the more prominent colours, we used that as the main colouring, then brought in ivory and pink to add a country feel. Using soft spring flowers guaranteed it would match the scenery around the dainty church. 

We were delighted on our return after the wedding to recieve a lovely thank you note from the mother of the groom.

"I just wanted to say again what an outstanding job you did for Charles & Fran’s wedding. You not only read Fran’s mind, you looked into her soul and translated what you found in to flowers from heaven. I am usually a stickler  for having everything on paper, drawings etc. I didn’t quite understand or could imagine some of the arrangements you described, but it didn’t worry me one bit. With you I felt in completely safe hands, safe, but inspired. Totally confident. Thank you for your exquisite work."

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