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The Playhouse

We are always excited when we hear from our friends at Night Train Productions. Having been involved in so many truly inspired events with them, we know the Planet teams creative ideas will be pushed to the next level creating spectacular designs - never knowing what is going to happen next! Looking through our image archives, our most favorite NTP event has to be the revolving animals at the Playhouse - They looked incredible, it shows you what an insanely talented event crew can do!

"Thank you so much to all at Planet involved in the latest NTP escapade – everything was wonderfully done and so precisely and carefully done - watching you all painstakingly layering and pinning thousands of petals on the animals really highlights what a lot of perfectionists you are. And how much you care about getting it right. Thank you for everything. I especially want to say a big thanks for the last minute “changes” you were so flexible with and completely unflustered by."

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