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Mansfield Traquair - Part One

Back in October we had the pleasure of designing for Jane and Des's wedding! The wedding was held at Mansfield Traquair - undoubtedly one of Edinburgh's most unique venues. We knew we were going to be involved in designing something amazing but this wedding was incredible! We have been dying to show you this wedding; every single detail shines from the magnificent stationary designed by Knotty Stationary to the unbelievable lighting created by Tower Productions. The result of the hard work from so many different suppliers and pulled together by the expert team at Heritage Portfolio was total perfection. We have been pouring over these images for months now, yet we still see something different in them every time we look! This will be a two part blog feature as there are just so many details we are not sure you could take them all in at once!

Jane was very open to suggestions; it was so much fun planning everything with her! She opted for compact rose pomanders for her bridesmaids, such a great alternative to a hand tied for bridesmaids to hold. The details were very important to Jane. Her all Ranunculus bouquet was finished off with trails of Stephanotis covered with satin, pearls and crystals which sat perfectly against her dress.

As the guest tables had a lot of detail we kept all the other flowers around Mansfield Traquair simple and chic. The cheese table set by Heritage Portfolio was a cheese lover’s heaven!

The three long mirrored tables once fully decorated were absolutely breathtaking. Once we had hung all 400 orchid garlands, the lighting was on and the candles were lit there was not much else we could do but stand back and take it all in! We are extremely privileged here at Planet Flowers - we see some of the most amazing weddings and events in Scotland but this just knocked our socks off! We must say such a huge thank you to Jackie and Alan of Rankine Photography for letting us show you their flawless shots of such a perfect wedding! Please check back later for the second post of some up close details of this amazing wedding....

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