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Balbirnie House

As some of our regular readers would have noticed we have been seriously behind on our blogging! It has been extremely busy here at Planet, infact we don´t think we have known a summer like it before! We are so behind that we even have a few December weddings and events that we haven´t blogged about! Since we are in the middle of summer we didn´t feel quite right about showing you a winter wedding, we even raised this concern on our Twitter page but as @samuraijen pointed out there are brides planning their winter weddings now and looking for as much inspiration as they can get their lovely little hands on! So here goes.. this wedding took place at Balbirnie House.

Could these little flower girls get any cuter?! They look so cosy!

The ceremony was set very simply with crystal goblets filled with paper whites and white roses. Each chair had a small bunch placed within the chair tie.


The reception room couldn´t have looked more magical! A starry ceiling set the scene, each crystal candelabra twinkled in the lights. We surrounded each candelabra with a ring of seasonal white flowers, using foliage like spruce and pine to bring the winter scents in to the room.

Tony Marsh captured all of these images, our personal favourite has to be the image below - okay there are no flowers but how much fun does this look???

A lovely little note from our more than lovely bride!

"First of all I can't quite believe it's taken me 5 months to contact you since my wedding. Better late than never... I wanted to say a very belated, but massive 'Thank you' to you & all the team at Planet Flowers for all your wonderful work on my wedding flowers. Everything was perfect and you did an exceptional job. Thank you so much again for playing such an important part in what was a fabulous day!"

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