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The Independent

We had a crazy busy week last week. Three lovely weddings and several large events plus the love fest of Valentines Day on Monday. By Saturday, with our fifth 5am start in a row - we will be honest, we were all feeling a little frayed around the edges! It didn't last long.. especially when we found out we were featured in The Independents guide to the UK's "50 Best Florists".

Seriously amazing - we could not believe it! As we specialise in event and wedding floristry and don't have a "front shop" it really isn't often we are even considered for such a prestigious list! The response we had from Twitter and Facebook once the list was announced was so special - we are still astonished at all the support we have!

The Independent used a screen grab of a wedding we installed all the way back in 2007 - there are some weddings that push the boundaries for us as florists, and the whole team agree that this wedding was one of those. Since the Independent used it, we thought we would show you a few sneak peaks of this wedding as it is completely worthy of a Planet Flowers blog post!


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