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Dundas Castle

Saturday's are always busy days for the Planet Team. Either with installing our couples dream wedding flowers or meeting with brides and grooms who are at different stages of their wedding planning. Saturday past we met several couples, all at different planning stages. No matter when their wedding is, be it next month or next year, or for that matter 2014 - all our brides have the same problem, visualising the venue set-up for their wedding. We cannot imagine how hard it must be for you, as a couple never organising a wedding before, not only having to plan and book everything from make-up artists to photographers to stationary to then have to visualise how your venue is going to look when it´s fully dressed. This is one of the biggest reasons we have our blog. So that our clients can browse through our posts to see what previous clients have achieved in their venues - to help inspire our brides and to help them visualise their wedding colours, style and look in their venue.

One of our future Dundas Castle brides mentioned on Saturday she had only ever seen white or purple flowers in Dundas Castles' elegant Pavilion. So lovely lady, this blog post is especially for you!

Just because you are aiming for a classic vintage feel does not mean you have to stick with creams and whites. This beautiful wedding captured by Jackie and Alan Rankine of Rankine Photography shows you how you can work colour into the look.


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Maidie no more said...

Yet another fantastic event design by Planet Flowers!