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Craighouse Campus

Melissa and Blair had the most amazing style on their wedding day at Craighouse Campus - all starting with there colour palette of pea green, white and black. Every single detail they planned came together flawlessly. We enjoyed every single minute of working with Melissa, helping her bring together the floral designs that featured throughout the day. Melissa also brought on board the loveliest Susan from Knotty Stationery to design her Candy table and CandySnaps Photography - if you have a few minutes you must take a look at the CandySnaps blog feature on Melissa and Blair´s day - she has captured the day wonderfully.

Our new found favourite (second to the carnation!) succulents - sweet little details on the signing table.

Each table was built up with a collection of containers each with a little gold and black detailing to continue the colour theme.


Ditte said...

Wow - that's just beautiful! You really are true artists!

Freja said...

such a fresh clean contemporary look, so well done guys!!
Mette @freja

Anonymous said...

I just saw this! Yay!! I have been wanting to see color photos of our alter table. It was all so gorgeous!