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Mansfield Traquair

Westminster anyone?!  Would you believe us if we said that the bride came to see us before the Royal wedding?  And that when she came in she knew EXACTLY what she wanted?!  No? Didn't think you would but she totally did!!  This wedding is one those weddings you never want to end - you install it and you want to stay for the entire wedding just to take the room in.  We have mentioned it before and we will probably mention it again but Mansfield Traquair is one of our favourite venues to work in.  When trees were brought up in conversation in our first consult we got really quite giddy with the thought of trees and Mansfield in the same sentence. 

Now we are in no way saying ours are anything like the incredible Royal wedding trees with the under planting of Lily of the Valley (lush.. can you imagine how utterly intoxicating that smell must have been as you walked in the church?) But for us this wedding was really pretty special. Our bride Jennifer was a florist herself so it was such an honour for her to choose us to design and install her wedding flowers.. and we loved every single minute of it!


Zoe said...

GORGEOUS!!!!! LOVE these! Makes the venue look very special x

mette said...

arhww Planet! you have done it again, green elegant and sophisticated, well done!