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Mansfield Traquair

There is nothing we like more than to be challenged with something a little different from the norm and gosh did this ever! When Heritage Portfolio and Kyles on Scotland came to us with a Tim Burton themed 21st birthday party at Mansfield Traquair we couldn’t wait to get our teeth into the imaginative style of Tim Burton!

Concentrating on just two of his movies Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory we designed larger than life mushrooms and toadstools in the entrance and then on the long dinner tables we made a moss runner; topped with huge lime green hydrangea topiaries with oversized sweeties. Tower Productions did the most magnificent job of lighting the venue finishing it off with the real atmosphere of the films.

This was an event we never wanted to end..



Rachel Scott said...

This looks brilliant gemma, that much have been such fun to style and put together! Loving your creativity as always, never fails to brighten my day!

Kayln Waterman said...

Very brilliant! I was just like dining in Wonderland but it was more beautiful than that. I realize now why Alice and Charlie were destined to be there at that fictional lands. It was more beautiful than Enchanted kingdom and on Hollywood. Indespicably beautiful!