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Dundas Castle

Every time we look through these images from Ditte at First Light, we get the biggest smile! Happiness was totally working with Laura and her mum Kathryn.  They had such trust in our work that it made us want to push ourselves and give us the challenge of also designing their dessert table.  Now, if you’re thinking that dessert tables don’t typically fall under the normal wedding florists job then you would be right!  But since a certain.. ahem..  wedding..  where we may have dabbled in a bit of dessert table designing we have always wanted another go.  When Laura gave us free-reign over the design and how flowery it would be, we literally felt like all our Christmas’s came at once!  The lovely Nikki from Cup Couture provided all the sweet delights while we designed the table and all the goods that went along with it.  Saying we had fun doing this just wouldn’t cover it! Although being able to do this for Laura and Stephen in particular made it even more special.  Ditte captured the whole wedding so perfectly that if you like this teaser of the flowers here then you must pop over to her blog and see more of the day – especially the magnificent fireworks by 21cc!

How gorgeous are the girls dresses??!  To read all about them pop over to Freja Designer Dressmaking blog.

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