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The Signet Library

Will and Neil.  The Harmans... Well what can we say, clients that challenge and push us are our favourite kind. The Harmans had such a keen eye for detail.. An out of this world eye for detail, that to be honest we wished they were on our team!  We are not going to lie, most of the designs were a first and most of which were a slight logistical nightmare.. Things like how do we get this from the work shop to The Signet Library?  How do we get them up all the stairs at The Signet and on to the table in one piece without having to de-tangle every strand?  How do you make flowers look fluid as if they are fabric falling down the table? These and many more problems came in to question! The answer.. Practise! We practised everything to make sure everything ran as smoothly as possible on the day – to the point we even installed a framework in the van to help travel the designs! 

It was a wonderful set-up and day, a huge thank you to Neil and Will for entrusting us with their florals for their very special day – it was such an absolute joy!



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