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Mansfield Traquair

At the beginning of March we were brought on board to an out of this world event by Heritage Portfolio to help create a "winter tablescape" for an unbelievable birthday party. It's not often (infact never) are we asked to be involved in installations that don't require any flower content. Using hundreds of icicles, snow balls, fake snow and the odd occasional (super cute) polar bear - we built up the table tops hanging lots of details from our candle topped perspex stands. The addition of Tower Productions atmospheric lighting gave the frosty coldness needed to pull off the look. The finishing touches of Knotty Stationery's snowflake themed table names was the final element to this enchanting birthday party.

We just couldn't handle having NO flowers at one of our events so in the entrance of Mansfield Traquair before the reveal we filled the desks with pure white fresh spring goodies - paperwhites, hyacinths, snow drops, tulips and cyclamen to throw the guests off the scent of what they were about to see!

All were images provided by Blue Sky Photography - big thanks as always for all your support :)


Lucy Stendall Photography said...

This looks like something from a really really great dream, I actually have my jaw wide open. Go you! Just amazing x

Gem said...

You're so sweet Lucy! Thank so much - it was such a fun event to be involved in :)