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Sample Bridal Bouquets

Soon it will be wedding season and the craziness of Mothers Day that has just left us will feel like an eternity ago! We have had so many of our summer brides making a visit to see us lately catching up and confirming all their summer wedding plans - all the excitement rubs off on us and it makes us all feel quite giddy! The clients we will be working for, the places we will be visiting, the amazing installations and the gorgeous flowers we will be working with - we wish it was May now!

A long time ago we realised that photos of our work can only do so much for our brides to be in consults - often our brides pick three or four designs they like from our showroom galleries and ask us to make it a cross between them all. When this happens we always offer a sample of their wedding bouquet, to set their mind at ease - to let them see it come together.. the size, shape, colours and texture to assure not only them, but ourselves that this is the exact bouquet they have their heart set on. Vintage is still the biggest style trend that we hear about and a few weekends ago we had three brides come to see us all with a vintage style but all with different colourings. Here is a sneak peak of three different bouquet samples - showing how vintage doesn’t have to be all neutral colourings.

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Flowers by Emma said...

Lobe the texture!! Do you charge your bride for the sample??