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Hopetoun House

John and Lauren's floral design style started with the idea of using different varieties of eucalyptus as our only foliage since Lauren is Australian. From there, the most beautiful soft delicate colour palette was born of soft lavenders and lilacs with sea foam and cream to contrast. 

The fireplace in the Ballroom is always an area that causes debate with our clients and even with the Planet team!  At the end of the day it is completely personal choice whether you should have a full arrangement along the mantelpiece or separate vases or nothing at all!  Our advice is to make sure the room feels balanced.  Lauren wanted an arrangement that stretched the whole way along the mantelpiece but nothing too heavy or tall.  So we kept things low and grouped and used only the softest foliages to keep thing light, with jasmine and hanging amaranthus to break up the lines.

On the staircase that leads to the ladies toilets, we made a eucalyptus and peony rose garland.  The scent was heavenly as we made it and we loved how every time someone walked past it their first comment was about how delicious the aroma was!

How romantic is this shot from Blue Sky Photography?! Thanks as always to Niels and Alie for the images, you can see the full post over on their blog.

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