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Mansfield Traquair

In our eyes the most important element in a wedding is to keep things personal, making sure there is an element of your personality through the day.  We love when we hear about family members being involved in the wedding planning - nothing better than a little DIY to put your own stamp on things!  Often we are asked to take on the floral design for only the bridal flowers or maybe only the reception flowers, allowing a family member or friend to decorate part of the wedding or design the bridal flowers but not having to take the stress of doing all the wedding flowers entirely. 

This wedding at Mansfield Traquair was a little like this, we decorated the reception only.  Jennifer fell in love with this table design the minute she saw it and we think it sits perfectly in such an awe-inspiring venue.

With many thanks as always to First Light Wedding Photography for use of these images.

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