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Broxmouth Park

Nicola and Stuart's wedding at Broxmouth Park.. where. to. start?!  It was really quite difficult to choose which details to show you, there was just so much, so many, beautiful beautiful things.  First of all before we mention anything we must say that we think Nicola is one of the hardest working brides we have had the pleasure of working with, seriously the amount of effort and love she put in to everything to make her guests have the most perfect day was mind blowing!  We have been to Broxmouth only once before but never using the marquee.  It is a beautiful venue and the couple decided to move the marquee down to the lake.  Tower Productions did such a fabulous job of lighting the lake and all the trees surrounding giving a real enchanted feel!  We have decided to only show the marquee details or else this post would have been mammoth but if you want to see more of the rustic styling and of course the gorgeous couple please head over to Cherry Tree Films where Steve and his whiz kids have put together an incredible trailer of the day - you can see it here.




Joann Scott said...

Simply stunning!

Steve - Cherry Tree Films said...

You transformed a plain white marquee into something utterly stunning. The sheer level of detail and care that's gone into this is astonishing. You have captured Nicola's amazing vision just perfectly. Really not sure how you will top this!

Well done, a pleasure to be part of such a fabulous day :D


flwrjane said...

Good God, now that's a wedding.

Nicola O'Neill said...

Thanks Gemma!

To any potential brides (and grooms!) out there can I just could not dream of finding a better florist than Gemma and her team (including her fabulous mum!). To call them 'florists' alone does not begin to do them and their sensational work justice. They are inspirational set designers and so much more.

Gemma was an absolute joy to work with from day one, she got my theme from the outset and sent me lots of lovely little pictures, ideas and interesting links throughout the 18 months that we were planning this wedding which just made us feel so special.

Her care, attention to detail, enthusiasm, inspiration and sheer talent is phenomenal. I truly believe that she and her team are the best at what they do.

Gemma was such a massive part of the prep, run up and the day itself to me - I couldn't and wouldn't have wanted to have done it without her. She is a fabulous woman, with a wonderful talent.

Lots of love
Nicola (the Bride) xx

Ami said...

Nicola, this is absolutely stunning! I am getting married at Broxmouth this year, would you mind if I asked you a few questions about your wedding, do you have an email? I also seen your wedding video, I can't stop watching it!! Did you have a wedding planner? Thanks Ami

Nicola said...

Hi Ami - of course happy to help if I can. I didn't have a wedding planner - just me, some wonderful family and friends and some amazing suppliers (such as Planet Flowers!).

Rather than posting my email address here, just ask Simon Flame to give you my contact details.