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Dundas Castle

Eilidh and Antony’s wedding at Dundas Castle took place at the end of April. It was a gorgeous day for a very special couple. Eilidh was the sweetest bride to work with; we felt she totally trusted us to do what we do best in her wedding style! We did our first “cup” bouquet – we don’t actually know if there is a technical term for this sort of design (possibly there is a lovely floral artist out there that knows?!!) so we have had to name it and cup is the best we came up with! Eilidh wanted to hold something in her hand but not on a handle and not with any stems. Instead we created a leaf covered cup and filled it with hydrangea finished off with pearl embellishments. It was so lovely to design something a little different. That alongside the funky buttonholes with the chilli accent.. we knew we were on to a winner! 


 The Auld Keep at Dundas Castle is such a great blank canvas – it can be decorated as light or as heavy as you feel it needs and no matter what, it will  look stunning! Eilidh was not keen on the heavy foliage and candle style that  is often used through the winter in the Keep and instead wanted a lighter more Spring like feel.  So instead we created small feature areas using vintage glassware with mono botanical groupings and pots of herbs to give a lovely scent as her guests walked up to the Great Hall.



 Eilidh provided different objects that had meaning to the couple for each table  – it was up to us to dress these with flowers in someway and make each table look different but have some coherent look!  From paint balls to tea cups, beer  barrels to books, bird cages to globes – some couldn’t be any further to the  next!  We didn’t have space to show you them all so here are our two favourite  – it was so much fun designing 10 different tablescapes for one wedding.


Check out Eilidh’s bridal style over on Sharon and Monica’s Made Up FB page!  Oh and also a few pictures on David Ho’s blog to see how Eilidh held the cup bouquet!!

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